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Curious About the 100K Coaching Program?

Compress 2 Decades Of Hypnotherapy Business Knowledge Into One Unique Program That has Created The Highest Paid & Most Sought-After Hypnotherapists In The Industry


Scott Jansen here…

If you’re reading this, and you’re a hypnotherapist, you more than likely fit into one of two categories.

You have just qualified as a new hypnotherapist with your sights set on building a fun, predictable and profitable hypnosis business that supports you, or you and your family.

You have been told to give away free or low-price sessions, hand out business cards, make a website, sell hypnosis in packages, speak on stage, tell your story, write an eBook, or even spend hours a day on mindset, clearing your abundance blocks and healing your inner child.


You run a hypnosis business that has not yet reached its peak of success. You have clients here and there, money some months and other months none, with no real plan and just a bit of luck.

You are hoping for referrals, using VIP and special packages, spending money on ads and funnels, running free monthly 5-day challenges, selling hypnosis audios, or even teaming up with another hypnotherapist to run a workshop.

Have we guessed right so far? (If we have, then please keep reading).

If you are nodding your head with a “frustrated yes” and agree that despite all the work you are doing, all the certificates you have, all the knowledge you have accumulated, and being told ‘just to trust it will happen” or that ‘clients will come kicking down your door’ – the real reality is that making around $1000-$2000 per month doing 101 things every day, has become the norm for you.

If so, let me ask you two questions…

My first question - If you used all the strategies above, how much of an “edge” over your competition do you think you’d have in an industry full of hypnotherapists doing the same thing as you and with the same goals as you.

Now, here’s the second question.

How do you think your clients view you in the marketplace?

Do they see you as someone who’s "world-class" at what you do?...

Do they see you as an "expert" in your niche?... Do they see you as their” only solution" to their problem?...

Or do they see you as just a commodity, just another hypnotherapist, ‘the same as everyone’ else offering the same hypnosis as everyone else, or at the ‘drop of a hat’ they will see you reduce your prices just to get some money in your bank account.

'I think you’ll agree that at first glance, each of those descriptions sums up the vast majority of this industry'

On the flip side… You may have seen (especially over the past few years) a bunch of ‘seemingly the same’ hypnotherapists in the same niche, with the same skill set, same business, and same goals – taking the lions share of the income in this industry.

Smashing the 6 figure and multiple 6 figure marks in less than 12 months

All-over social media with large followings of ready to buy clients who don’t argue their extremely high prices.

Constantly growing their income to 5 figures per month and smashing new goals with less effort than the overworked and stressed-out therapist.

Hell, they may have been on the same hypnosis training courses as you and live in the same area as you.

How is this possible?

(At the request of our students the below testimonials have been made private - results not typical)

Watch how Sarah went from no clients, no income and no business to multiple 6-figures per year and buying her dream house.


Watch how Penny went from a full-time job to a full-time hypnotherapy business and smashing more than $200,000 per year.


Let me cut straight to the point. There is ONLY ‘one key factor’ to their success. It is not luck, mindset, the universe, or multiple certifications. It’s not who they were trained by, their vision board, their healed inner child, or the affirmations they use.

...It all comes down to this one thing.

"They have mastered all the parts of a hypnosis business!” – as simple and obvious as this sounds it is the most overlooked part among all hypnotherapists"

What does this mean?

Let’s be honest – anyone can get qualified. You pay the fee, show up, practise and you get a certification.

But then what? These same hypnotherapists who are crushing it have realised that getting certified is only 1% of the reason why they are building unbelievable wealth, when the majority of hypnotherapists are scrambling the get clients and hoping one day a miracle will happen.

So, for you reading this here is something special for you.

An invitation to join the 100K Coaching Program.

This is really an invitation to get control of your business, make the money you deserve, build a business you can be proud of, and finally stop stressing out, wondering, hoping, and guessing.

But before you accept this invitation ask yourself this...

How Bad Do You Want This?

...Just a little? (If so, don’t read any further)

...A fair bit (If so, come back in a few months after more failed attempts)

Or ‘growing my business is the MOST important thing for me” (if so, keep reading)

Most will yell and scream saying how hard they work, how much they deserve it, how clear their money blocks are, how much they want it and how much effort they will put it – but when it comes to the crunch, and taking the next step, they fold like a bad hand in poker.

But if you have the fire in your stomach to grow your business to match your wildest desires this invitation is for you.

This PRIVATE INVITATION is ONLY for hypnotherapy business owners who are tired and frustrated with investing countless hours in training courses and more certifications with lofty promises that produce only mediocre results – usually taught by trainers who have just ‘learnt something’ and now teach – without ever having experience in the real world, with a real profitable hypnosis business, or seeing paying hypnosis clients week in and week out.

If you are reading this far – and have listen to all the gurus…

You are probably tired of hearing about mindset, tired of giving free sessions, tired of being sold more certifications (that do nothing to bring in paid clients), tired of not having a plan and tired and broken from exhaustion.

If you can’t relate to that paragraph above, please re-read it until it really sinks in before you continue reading, okay?

We’re not looking to help "opportunity seekers" (a.k.a. "Bright Shiny Object" chasers) who feel a sense of entitlement because of who they were trained by or because of how much they know.

Can You Identify Your #1 Reason Why You Need This?

1. You get to a step by step and point to point training that will teach you how to build, start, grow, automate and scale your hypnosis business online. You don't need to have a niche, have made any sales, or even have a social media following. We show you everything from scratch.

2. We plug you into a community of like-minded hypnotherapists, trainers, NLP, coaches and healers from all over the world will support you, practise with you, and celebrate your wins. You get unlimited and lifetime access to the community, mentoring, and the program (never pay again)

3. We give you my 'real world' practical knowledge – not something I have been certified in, read from a book, or learned from someone else. You are getting what I used to grow my hypnosis business from scratch, to full of real high paying clients. No boring long lectures or upsells.


In our experience, the reason you haven’t experienced the business success you’ve hoped for isn’t that you’re not good enough, and it isn’t because of an oversaturated market or your lack of certification and mindset blocks.

It’s because you’re following the wrong strategy from the wrong person! Let me clarify...

Ask 10 hypnotherapists what they do each day to try and get clients – and you will hear the same 10 answers. Now look at their income and look at their success.

Can you see my point? Knowledge is useless without results (and by results, I mean income)

Results not typical

It works even if your knowledge on hypnosis is limited or you have only just been qualified. Our business program teaches you everything you need to know and helps you ignore the things that will only waste your time.

It works regardless of where you live in the world (We have business students in over 80 countries and for some, English is their second language)

And it works no matter what your niche is, who your clients are, what you have done in the past with clients, what other techniques you know or where you see clients – it works for face to face to Zoom no matter what your clients problem is.

Hypnotherapists (when it comes to business) follow what the crowd is doing, and without knowing, following the same daily mistakes. I’m sure you have head the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

To paraphrase this for hypnotherapists it's “doing the same thing as everyone else, even when everyone else is failing, and expecting to have different results”

My point is, nothing happens by accident, and nothing is out of reach to all hypnotherapists that stop following the crowd. This may not surprise you, but it’s often overlooked.

I’ve done it for myself for 2 decades and helped the most recognisable hypnotherapists in the industry. These are the hypnotherapy business owners you may look up too, see all over social media, see the money they are making – with some making more than $200,000 per year seeing hypnosis clients.

How? Because I have been in your shoes!

I had a broke hypnosis business (following mindset, cheap sessions, no niche, no sales method, handing out business cards and flyers, speaking at networking events etc).

To building a thriving hypnosis business and for 12 years I sat in front of very high paying clients, from around the world, and built a 4-month waiting list, to now (using the exact same strategies) teaching more than 30,000 hypnotherapists (via Udemy, online program and live events) my style of conversational hypnosis – and this program shows you everything I did to accomplish this – step by step.

Here’s the answer...

"Imagine You Knew The Precise Steps To Prepare Your Hypnotherapy Business For Rapid Wealth Acceleration With My 100K Coaching Program"

Curious to find out how? Here is a small look at what you will learn

1. How to find your own profitable niche and expert authority positioning, that works every time. Our ‘Blue Ocean symptom niche system’ will help you not only lock in a niche that will make you money but help you set yourself apart from every other hypnotherapist out there (to make it even easier I give you a list of 100 to choose from)

2. My personal ’67 Inputs & Outputs System’ that will help you set up, grow, scale, and automate a thriving business from scratch – even if you have had NO business experience – this system alone has helped out hypnotherapists build their dream hypnotherapy business.

3. How to ethically triple your prices and attract (what I call) "M.O.S. breakthrough clients”. Meaning you will have more time to acquire your next high paying client, while spending less time treating them (this is the 80/20 M.O.S. method that is one of my biggest secrets to helping hypnotherapists become wealthy)

4. How to use and master all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Podcasting, and email) and my ‘expert insights content creation method’ to grab the attention of your audience who will see you instantly as an expert. This works even if you don’t feel as knowledgeable as you’d like or suffer from imposter syndrome.

5. The simple (yet little known) client ‘price increase model’ that works like a charm … for any hypnotherapist, no matter their niche, location, skill level or confidence level.

6. How to practically guarantee higher payments from clients for your offer, that has clients pay in full, at the end of your strategy calls with no hesitation – and without any buyer's remorse. It’s this ‘strategy call framing’ that has helped some of our top earning students closing above 90%

7. How to charge the highest prices in your market and get people clamouring to get on your "Waiting List" even when these same clients know they can ‘get it’ cheaper somewhere else.

8. How to artfully raise your prices for new clients without them questioning it. In fact, you and your clients will see the true value of your skill set, and they will love you for it and want to tell everyone they know (we call this the ‘dynamic referral system’)

9. How to use the power of "U.M. active listening" that will actually start the ‘therapy’ on the strategy call – thus speeding up client breakthroughs. When this is done correct, we have seen our students go from 2.5-3 hr sessions down to 20 minutes sessions and still charging between $1500-$5500 for just that 20-minute sessions (this is M.O.S. breakthroughs on steroids)

10. How to utilize my "One Sentence" secret to stop questions on your extremely high price, even from your existing lower-end clients or potential clients who are still shopping around.

11. The secret to leveraging free social media strategies. Meaning you will be spending nothing to get paid clients. No funnels, no ads, no clunky websites, no mindset, no affirmations, no vision boards, and no free sessions or 5-day challenges.

12. How to "repurpose" your competitors as a powerful tool to boost for content, steal their audience and have them see you as their new guru or mentor. (This is a closely-guarded, even somewhat sneaky tactic, but it's incredibly effective)

12. Scott’s ‘un-taught’ to the public ‘asymmetry CGA secret’ to being omnipresent in your marketplace and on social media. This digital marketing trick will put you front and centre everywhere your target market goes online

13. The key to amplifying your marketing message and social media that turn your new audience (and even strangers) into high-paying clients, that pay in full. This subliminal sales tool practically drives people to your hypnosis business.

14. The simple hack that increases your perceived value in the marketplace as the only go-to hypnotherapist even when your prices are 10x-20x higher than the average hypnotherapist. This even works if you have just been qualified.

15. How to create an “Authority Status Halo” around your business, social media, and name, that compels clients to book you in. This will drive your clients to even want to do their sessions via Zoom or Skype and still pay your premium prices – this is my main trick to grow your name and business globally.

17. How to get over the perfectionist mindset that causes doubt and procrastination and stops hypnotherapists taking action on their business... We show you what to do each and every day (almost like I am holding your hand) that actually turns into paid clients – this method will be rinse and repeat.

18. How to ‘tip the scales’ in your favour and take advantage of the "lazy procrastinator’s asymmetry secret" for achieving more - in less time - by doing less - so your business can thrive with even just a few days of effort.

19. How to AVOID the "inner action conflicts" that kill more hypnotherapy businesses and squash the dreams of people just like you. This ONE psychological trick will save your business – I have seen it work with 1000s of my students and it literally takes less than 10 seconds to complete.

20. How to attract High Ticket clients to your business even if you are just starting out, have no testimonials, are still a bit nervous or you currently only serve low value clients.

21. How to add an extra “zero” to the price of your ‘offer’ and earn more than you currently do (without increasing your workload)

22. My personal ‘sales script and Future Value Deck (FVD)’ that will do all the selling for you and have your clients begging to work with you – all you need to do is read it!

23. How to earn more per client – get faster breakthroughs and turn your clients into raving fans - without EVER selling packages, specials, VIP offers, or giving away free sessions. This ‘unusual and backwards’ strategy can 10X your profits at the very least.

24. How to master your brand messaging and unique business voice that will attract only the ‘right fitting – high paying’ client to your business without leaving your house.

25. How to find the core of your market that LOVES to pay top dollar... You see, every ‘blue-ocean’ niche has premium clients... the trick is finding them without blending in with all other hypnotherapists who are dropping their prices just to satisfy their clients.

26. How to overcome the single biggest struggle most hypnotherapy business owners face with selling, scaling, and automating their business ... and what to specifically do to quite possibly earn more in a month than all the previous year's combined.

...And so much more! – this is just scratching the surface. – there is over 70 hours of content in this program.

The skills you’ll soon discover are the same skills that helped 1000s of hypnotherapists earn more in a week than most will earn in a few months, be seen as the ‘celebrity’ hypnotherapist in their niche and build waiting lists all while working from home.

But, let me be clear: This isn't just another "skill, mindset, and tools program “just to listen too without taking action. This is a hybrid online, mentoring and action taking program to turn you into that 1% of hypnotherapists that has taken the lion's share of the income and embarrassing their competition

It's everything your business needs from your niche, sales, business systems, social media, scaling, optimising, and daily action methods. Nothing has been left out and it has been proven to work by hypnotherapists all over the world.

If you have read this far let me summarise by saying – I have done all the thinking for you. This program leaves no stone unturned and gives you everything a hypnotherapist needs to start and grow their business from scratch.


There are only two ways your potential clients will view you. You can be seen as a commodity, meaning you’ll have to work harder to chase clients. They’ll nickel and dime you. You won’t be paid what you’re worth. And you’ll find business very difficult – and you will end up quitting and going back to a 9-5.

...OR You can be seen as an authority...

You’ll get to “cherry-pick” the clients you work with, and you’ll find business simpler, and much more enjoyable.


Enrol By Clicking The Button Below... Or Keep Reading

It’s Your Business-Building Skills That Really Move The Needle In Your Life And Business – And What Most Hypnotherapists Will Overlook!

1. Complete 100K Coaching Program

You Get OVER 70 Hours Of Trainings, Lessons, Modules, Action Items & Unlimited Support

After enrolment you will have complete access to all modules, action items, lessons, done for you marketing, automation, sales scripts, support with lifetime access to everything (never pay again).
This program is designed for the absolute novice to growing a hypnosis business to even the more seasoned business owner. No experience, systems or know-how resuired.
24/7 Access to an easy to use training platform
This is a safe and supportive environment where you’ll put what you learn into practice, ask for advice or even role play with other 100K students community members.

2. Curriculum

My Flagship 100K Coaching Program Includes...

1: Building the 100K system (Niche, offer, price, MOS, system set & sales)

Building the system: Discover all '67 inputs and outputs systems' you will need, how to find your blue ocean niche, get ready for sales with my 7-fig sales script and future value deck, set up all your social media accounts, Paypal and Stripe account so you can start taking payments and so much more.

2: Working the system to get paid clients (FB, Insta, TT, Link, Podcast, Daily Motion, Blogs, Outreach etc)

Making money: From creating content, using social media, completing strategy calls and making money, week 2 has 100% focus on you making money. We dive straight into the action; all you need to do is commit and follow the steps.

3: Complete YouTube system & passive income

Passive income: By using YouTube you will not only create an unfair advantage in your business to gettting a truck load of booked calls and paying clients, but an easy and long term strategy to earning passive income. Don't worry you do not have to even know how to use YouTube. We show you from the very start.

4 : Hiring a Virtual assistant & systemising your life

Hiring your A-Team: When you start getting busy seeing paid clients, you next goal should be to hire people to do all your business building for you. From your social media and even booking calls for you. I show you how to hire them, how to pay them, and best of all I personally train them for you so they know exactly how to make you money - even while you sleep.

5: Building your 100K Asset (Webinar, success video, automation)

Offline: During this week we show you how to optimise your website, make your 'automated success video' and have your offline assets and marketing making money for you.

6: Economics machine (Retirement, Superannuation, Savings)

Retirement: Using our economics machine, calculations and advice we show you how to leverage the money you earn for retirement, savings and even strategies for your taxes. This is the backbone of a very successful hypnosis business - and should not be missed.

You Also Get These 3 Incredible “Fast-Action” Bonuses

Why am I giving you these?

Two reasons:

One. I think they are the perfect "accompaniments" to the 100K program to make your understanding and practical use of 100K program seamless. Kind of like a side-dish that will make your "meal" even more delicious.

Two. I want to success. I want you to make money, have fun, feel proud and finally get the needle moving in your business and your life!

Fast Action Bonus #1:

10 Bonus Masterclasses: Sales, niching, social media, scheduling, etc

I believe in immersion training. This means to immerse yourself in all the fine details of each important step of your business - over and over again.

Results not typical

Bonus #2:

Spotting Unconscious Moments Live Program (8 hrs)

Sit back and watch this bonus training of Advanced Conversational Hypnosis taken from a live seminar I taught back in 2015. This program will define something you will hear over and over again in the 100K Coaching Program 'MOS'.

Results not typical

Bonus #3:

12 Months Access To The Private Facebook Community & Live Masterclasses

Sorround yourself with 1000s of hypnotherapists, NLPs, coaches, healing and trainers as they grow their wealth and success with you. This is a place for support, to ask questions, and even team up with other therapists for motivation.

Click the “Enrol now” Button To Join The

ACH Program - And Snag Up All The Bonuses!

Results not typical

Being in the 100K Coaching Program is all about action. Have a look at hypnotherapists just like you who are making it happen:

Results not typical

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me if I do not live in Australia?

Yes! We have student all over the globe crushing it with this program. As long as you have internet, you can work with clients via Zoom, this program is the perfect fit for you.

How much will it cost to pay for ads and funnels per month?

Nothing. The marketing we teach is organic. Meaning you will have no costs. Also we do not teach funnels, expensive sales pages, webinar pages etc. As they not only a waste of time and money but to complex for any hypnosis business.

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