THE 6-Stage Conversational Hypnosis Program

The 6-Stage Conversational Hypnotherapy Program (P.H.I.T.T.r Formula) That Will Help You Turn Normal And Therapeutic Conversations Into Life-Changing Events That Your Clients Will Never Forget... Even With People That Do Not BELIEVE In Hypnosis.




No Certification


56 Hours


Conversational Hypnosis


Beginners To Novice


The 6-Stage Conversational Hypnotherapy Program (P.H.I.T.T.r. Formula) that will help you turn normal and therapeutic conversations into life-changing events that your clients will never forget... Even with people that do not BELIEVE in hypnosis.

This program has been designed to suit the absolute novice to hypnosis and for the hypnotherapist who is tired and frustrated with scripts, language patterns, and clunky techniques.

It's absolutely will discover all of Scott's secrets in The 6-Stage Conversational Hypnosis Program and when done consistently, you'll be astonished at how your hypnosis skills excel.


With so many hypnotherapists learning traditional (and outdated) hypnotherapy. Filling up their 'toolbox' with techniques, language patterns, Timelines, Regressions, Meta Models, Relaxation techniques, hypnosis scripts, manoeuvres, techniques and so much more - it's leaving more hypnotherapists overloaded with choice and no idea where to start or what to do.

The principles of hypnosis have been lost - thus results with client are taking far too long and leaving hypnotherapists exhausted, frustrated, anxious, doubtful, unsure, and lost in the whole process. Ultimately killing their confidence and ability to help even the smallest of problems!


Here's how to transform the way you do hypnotherapy with clients, shorten the whole process, increase the power of your breakthroughs - while you do and say less. We ditch the 'tool box' once and for all.

  • Ready To Turn Any Conversation Into A Life-Changing Event That People Will Never Forget?

  • Ready To Master The 6-Stage CH Process That Will Instantly Turn You Into A Master Of Conversational Hypnosis?

  • Ready To Hypnotise People In Any Conversation Without Being Caught?

  • Shortcut Your Hypnotherapy Skill Set To Reach An Elite Level That Usually Takes Years If Not Decades Of Study.

  • Become The Go-To Hypnotherapist That Clients Will Throw Money At To Help Them With Pains And Problems.

  • Welcome To Your Shortcut To Conversational Hypnosis Mastery! - No Scripts, No Clunky Techniques, No Awkward And Obvious Techniques Required!

  • The 6-Stage PHITTR Formula Personally Designed By A Real Hypnosis Master - Scott Jansen, Who Has Taught Over 30,000 Students Worldwide.

  • Imagine Shortcutting Years Of Agonizing Study And Practice To Becoming An Elite Covert And Conversational Hypnotherapist In Just A Few Days... and WOWing every client you work with - even to the extent of being labelled as a true hypnosis genius by hypnosis experts in the field.


Get ready to master conversational hypnosis - without scripts, language patterns, relaxation methods, and forced techniques - and make the ‘therapy’ portion of your interaction the single most important part, that will be responsible for creating the most life changing breakthroughs for your clients.

Isn't it time you "gifted" you and your clients with know-how that can ramp-up the power of your hypnosis and your therapy knowledge to change the life of everyone you have a conversation with? You can find that "know-how" in the 6 Stage Conversational Hypnosis Program. I am ready to train you, when you’re ready to start.

I know for me, the traditional study methods of script reading, long step-by-step techniques and boring hour-upon-hour sitting with clients for very little therapeutic change never seemed right for me!

I would watch people like Milton Erickson and wonder 'how the hell did he do that so quickly'?

And over the years I put myself on a mission to refine, master, and develop (what is now my 6-stage formula) into something that was so powerful it left my clients shocked. And now it's my time to teach you. In fact, I have shortcut over 12 years of sitting in front of real paying clients, so you don't have to.

You get the fruits of my labor, and the most powerful hypnotherapy program on the planet!

Conversational Hypnosis Online Program For Beginners: 56 HOURS OF CONTENT.

Lifetime access to the program + bonus masterclasses, modules, reading material, demo breakdowns and much much more!

This program has been designed to suit the absolute novice to hypnosis and for the hypnotherapist who is tired and frustrated with scripts, language patterns, relaxation, and clunky techniques.



  • The Complete 6 Stage P.H.I.T.T.r. Therapeutic Formula Personally Designed By Scott Jansen - Will Take You From Beginner To Master In Just Hours.

  • My Secret 30 Min To Master Conversational Hypnosis Process That Can Turn Even A Beginner Into A Hypnosis Genius.

  • Learn the unique and strange 'Conversational Induction & Therapy Blitz Process' That Will Have You Overloading The Conscious Mind In Seconds Regardless Of Your Clients Problem.

  • How To 'Set-Up' The Correct Trance Every Time Using My 'Priming & Therapeutic Environments' Manoeuvres That Will Ensure The Correct Trance For Every Client You See.

  • My Hypnotic Interview Strategy That Will Have You Locating The 'True' Root Cause In Minutes, Even If Your Clients Mind Wants To Hide It.

  • ETM Demo: Butterflies Healing Covid - See The ETM In Action During A LIVE Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Program

  • Ericksonian Reviv Demo Breakdown - Watch Scott Breakdown The ETM Demo In Easy To Follow Steps Including Advanced Strategies.

  • Testing Masterclass: That Will Have You Knowing The Session Was A Complete Success Every Time - No More Worrying About If What You Did Worked Or Not.

  • Tasking & Processing Masterclass: That Will Have You Consciously Instruct Your Client Towards A Breakthrough That Will Last A Lifetime And Put The Unconscious Mind Back Into Healing Mode.

  • Abreaction Drill: How To Navigate And Control Abnormal Reaction To Hypnosis And Therapy And Keeping Your Clients Safe.

  • Testing/Tasking/REPEAT (Mini Sessions) = Processing: How To Turn Multiple Sessions Over Multiple Days And Weeks Into 'On The Spot' Mini Sessions'. Think Of It As Completing Multiple Hypnosis Sessions All Wrapped Into One 60-Minute Breakthrough.

  • Bonus #1: Self-Hypnosis Masterclass, Abnormal Thinking, 30-Day Habit Breaker Tracking Sheet, Asymmetry Goal Setting

  • Bonus #2: Practise And Master Hypnosis With Confidence Training.

  • Bonus #3: Advanced Conversational Hypnosis (ACH) Intro, Build a 6 figure Hypnotherapy Business From Scratch Intro

  • And much much much more! No stone has been left unturned. This is a complete hypnotherapy training program that will teach you step by step not only how to master conversational hypnosis but the therapy required to help clients - special note: This is not a certification course, nor will you recieve one on completion.

As you can see, The 6-stage Conversational Hypnosis Program is packed full of powerful ways, techniques, and hypnosis secrets that can help you go from a beginner to master in conversational hypnosis in the time it takes to go through this new program. (Most would take years and years to reach this mastery level)

These are the hypnosis and therapy strategies I have used in my career to help people quit smoking, lose weight, stop anxiety, find purpose, unstick negative thinking, stop pain, release emotions and memories and so much more.

This program works in the real world as it was created and refined in the real world with real paying clients.

If your goal is to make the whole hypnosis process more effective, more consistent, more predictable, and to ultimately, rise to the top and demand the income a top-performing hypnotherapist demands (and gets), then

The 6-stage Conversational Hypnosis Program is the only program you’ll need and the last one you’ll ever invest in as a beginner.

These secrets and strategies are that powerful and that effective.

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