the Self Hypnosis Method

If You Have 5 Minutes Per Day - You Can Master Self Hypnosis For Abundance, Health, Wealth, Love, Business & Life Purpose!

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This training program was a live event with some of the top therapists and coaches from around the world.

The goal of this training was to teach my version of self hypnosis and how to use 3 powerful inductions to induce trance, and tell the unconscious mind what you want it to do.

Now, as you can imagine the goals of the students varied from love, money, healing pain, overcoming fears or even getting clarity on major life goals – and this is the power of this type of self hypnosis


We all know that the unconscious mind is the sort of gatekeeper to our problems but also the gatekeeper to our wildest dreams

It literally controls how we think, act, and feel. So, what if you could have control over this part of your mind?

And if you are fearful about running your own business, or are searching for your soulmate, want more money, and want to live a life with abundance and no limits – you can now instruct your mind to help you on this quest.

The best thing of all is, once you master this, your own mind can do all the work for you while you get to experience your goals in living colour.


If you have tried self-hypnosis before only to find it boring, tedious, or you even fell asleep as the excitement was just not there, I have your back. This process has been designed to take up just 5 minutes of your day.

  • How to induce your own trance using my self hypnosis method (includes 3 different inductions)

  • How to create your own therapeutic environment ready to cement in your goals and wildest dreams

  • How to work with your mind even if it becomes stubborn and does not want to change

  • How to deepen your own trance to heal your body, mind, and emotions

  • How to add ‘processing time’ to the end of each of your self-hypnosis sessions for long term and long-lasting results

  • How to directly influence your own mind and tell it what you want


Let us help you turn your mind into a goal getting machine and destroy even your worse fears. Become your own therapist with The Self Hypnosis Method.

Ready to do this?

I know from personal experience that 5 minutes was not enough – I was hooked!

And to this day, 20 years later being a therapist, coach and in the personal development industry as a mentor, it is my go-to strategy that has given me a cutting edge in life.

Welcome to the program.



  • How to use self-hypnosis with my '3 power inductions' (you can pick your favourite). It takes just 5 minutes per day to put what you learn in this program into action!

  • How to install your goals so they are accepted by your unconscious mind without being rejected and making problems worse.

  • How to stimulate the unconscious mind and navigate your own pure unconscious moments. (this is trance on steroids)

  • How to use your own attention to hack the speed of achieving really anything you want without hours of meditations, vision boards, affirmations or reading personal development books. This is the 'cheat code of the mind'

  • How to find meaning in unconscious symbols and feelings and directly speak to your own mind and form a powerful relationship.

  • And so so so much more!

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$97.00 $497.00

You Save ($400)

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