The PERFECT Sales Script For Hypnotherapists

Includes: 'Done For You' Sales Script, F.V.D. presentation, Proposal System, Sales Objection Cheat Sheet, Sales Masterclass & So Much More!




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What if you had the PERFECT sales script tailored to sell hypnosis (at a very high price) to every potential client you have a strategy or clarity call with?

What if you knew that with every call you have, you could be making between $1500-$5500 per client – and it only took you 45 minutes to complete the entire script.

What if you not only had this perfect script but had a way to educate your clients on all the value, long term results and ‘by-product’ results they would get by saying “yes” to you – and this script and what I call my “FVD” was all done for you – and just ready to read.

Imagine the advantage you would instantly have over your competitors once you have mastered the perfect closing script for every sale – it works with every niche, location, online or face to face offers and can even be used for referrals.


Once you have control over ever strategy or clarity call, you can rinse and repeat and keep optimising this script, so you get faster and make more money. You'll be surprised how easy it can be to double or even triple your income by literally reading the script and using the FVD (the way you will be taught).

It's this same script and FVD that has helped our current students earn more than $8,000,000 collectively in extra revenue just over the past few years and has helped our students go from selling $100 hypnosis sessions to over $1500-$5500 transformations – with less work and less effort – even in the most common of niches.

It doesn’t matter how you think about it. If you own a hypnosis business, you are going to have to sell. So why not make this part easier than putting a client into trance – and have this script and FVD do all the work for you.

All this is possible thanks to this specially designed and optimised (only for hypnotherapists) “Transformation script and FVD”

This program takes you by the hand and walks you through the very same successful process Scott used for 12 years as a hypnotherapist with a global business – in fact it has been optimised and refined and is still the number one tool Scott uses even in his training company.

It's decades' worth of proven secrets, know-how, and experience to sell hypnosis the right way at any price your goals desire of you...and it can be rinse and repeat.


The Transformation Script & FVD will become “your ace up the sleeve” for smashing your sales once you know:

  • How to start each call, take control of even the most stubborn potential clients and where, when and how to deliver your price in a way that makes sense to everyone you say it to – even when they know they can get it cheaper.

  • How many hypnotherapists make getting the sale harder by using too many sales techniques, slick language, hypnotic language, or even obvious NLP patterns that instantly create resistance during your call. You will be shown how to avoid that, so you don’t make the same mistakes which is costing hypnotherapists 1000s of dollars every time they have a call.

  • How to use ‘power questions’ to amplify the correct emotion at the right time, so by the time it comes to your price (no matter how high it is) your potential client is ready to buy and pay in full.

  • How to deal with prospects who are undecided, want to talk to their partner or want to let you know tomorrow: You will get access to the (designed for you) ‘proposal system’ that can help save more than 50% of people who say ‘I need to think about it’

We could go on and on ... but the only way to profit with this script and FVD, is to apply it!


The Perfect Sales Script and FVD is your key to accelerated sales success in your hypnosis business. You are just one ‘ADD TO CART’ away from: Better closing, better selling, better consistency, better profits and better business growth.

Why not make it within your reach with this system? If you agree, then you know what to do now ...

As you can see, The Perfect Sales Script For Hypnotherapists is packed full of powerful ways, techniques, and secrets that can help you go from struggling or average in sales, to a top-performing salesperson in the time it takes to go through this new program.

Where else can you read something and show something that will educate your potential clients and have them seeing you as the ONLY solution to their problems, even when they know they can get it somewhere else, for a lot cheaper.


  • Complete '30 min' sales script and '15 min' 'FVD presentation' and training: The entire 14 question Transformation script and ‘FVD; is designed to close at a price of $1500-$5500 per client (using this system will take at most 45 minutes for the entire presentation – with some of our current students closing at over 90% by just reading it) and proposal system which is plug and play – and will be rinse and repeat after every ‘No” you get – this is how to save sales. Even if you have a strange or unusual niche, you will be taught how to change, optimise, refine, and keep iterating your script and FVD so it become more potent (and earns you more money)

  • The ‘perfect emotion charging questions’ that all niches need to be asked – that will even change the mind of tyre kicker clients you were sure were going to say “no” or it is too expensive”

  • Objection handling answers and future paced questions: How to handle questions like “How much does it cost” and “What if the sessions don’t work?” “or "I need to ask my partner first” so you can enrol clients easily without creating objections

  • What to do if your client starts to sound disinterested -- do this and they’ll practically beg to book in with you (It’s counter-intuitive but works like nothing you’ve seen before)

  • How to get people off the fence and into your sessions without sounding desperate– this can actually be done before the call even begins (This is a closely-guarded, even somewhat sneaky tactic, but it's incredibly effective)

  • How to actually start doing the “therapy” during your strategy call, get a YES, and drastically speed up the session – before the session has even begun. I call this the “90% Therapized Method”

  • How to use “Secret Power Pausing” that creates unconscious pressure to find hidden emotions and objections that will stop your potential clients from buying – this is talking less than you think during a sales call and making more than you thought was possible.

  • How to utilize my "One Sentence" secret to stop questions on your extremely high price, even from your existing lower-end clients or potential clients who are still shopping around.

  • My personal sales secret all put into one FVD - that made me more in one month than it did in a whole year when I first created it. The FVD is only released in the full 100K Coaching Program, this was the key to going from a broke hypnotherapist to one of the highest paid in just a matter of months. And anyone can use this.

  • How to use “comparison pricing”, “past waste, current waste and future waste” framing that will make even the most expensive hypnotherapists seem like the cheapest inside the mind of your potential clients.

  • And so much more! - remember this entire Script and FVD is done for you with all of the above strategically put into the script and FVD – leaving you just to read it.

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