Advanced Testing,Tasking & Processing Method

How To End Every Hypnosis Session With A Bang That GUARANTEES Bigger And Faster Results That Will Shock Your Clients

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Let me ask you a question... What is THE MOST important part of any hypnosis session?

The start? The middle? All of it?... What if I told you that the END of the session outweighs even the best hypnosis strategies, methods, patterns, stories, regressions, Timelines or relaxation depth?

Why? Because the end is where the results happen!

...And it's all that clients pay for... But NO ONE utilises this to their advantage

But now you can! And it will change your entire career - This is the ultimate hypnosis superpower!


Wondering how to speed up client results?

Without audios, homework, multiple sessions, scripts, and without any extra work as the therapist.

What's crazy is no one ever gets taught this, not even the seasoned pros. But now you can have an unfair advantage when working with clients.


The majority of therapists are taught to do the session and once they get to the 'end of the session'; they book the client in again and again and again...But this is leaving out a massive opportunity for the most important part of therapy - the end! This is how to end every session with a bang.

  • How to end the session correctly and 'set up' the unconscious mind to keep processing and uncovering new results, resources and success.

  • How to correctly "task' the unconscious mind, that ads 'robustness' to the resource for real world results - even if everything in their life is negative.

  • How to close off the unconscious mind so the client does not consciously interfere.

  • How to set up the client for long term happiness and success (regardless of the problem or niche) without having to do multiple sessions - this is letting the client become their own therapist

  • And so much more!


Let us help you end every session with a bang That GUARANTEES bigger and faster results that will shock your clients.

Ready to do this? ready to join the Advanced testing, Tasking & Processing program?

Essentially (at a basic level) there are 3 types of therapy/ trances you can create.

Relaxation – that will not create a breakthrough. Most are taught this.

Dirty trance – A trance full of knots, conclusions, doubt and resistance. Most are taught this.

Therapeutic trance -Safety, resources, breakthroughs, insight, processing information, fun, & learning. No one is taught this.

With Testing, Tasking, Processing & Priming' you are setting up and finishing a therapeutic trance the right way every time, that will give you complete control over your clients success and yours (talk about a confidence booster)



  • The complete 'Testing, Tasking & Processing' formula that can be applied to any style of hypnosis. You’ll discover how easy therapeutic breakthrough can be without having to book your client in session after session after session. This turns potential 4-6 average sessions into one dynamic breakthrough.

  • How to set up the correct 'therapeutic environment' in 3 minutes for guaranteed 'fast and powerful' breakthroughs regardless of how big the problem is, what style of hypnosis you use or your confidence level - our students use this process in more than 80 different niches.

  • How to apply 'unconscious sleep tasking' to the end of every session that can speed up client results by 1000% and it takes 10 seconds to do and no effort from your clients. Don't worry, I tell you exactly what to say 'word for word' (This is a closely-guarded, even somewhat sneaky tactic, but it's incredibly effective)

  • How to correctly apply the 'spontaneous processing chat' that will have the unconscious mind hunting for more resources and success even years after a client has had their initial breakthrough. When you hear the term 'life changing' this is how.

  • Bonus: Advanced Deep Hypnotic Priming Method: Create The Perfect DEEP Trance Every Time In Just Minutes That Guarantees Life-Changing Results

  • How to 'unconsciously prime' your clients so the mind can set up 'healing trance' to be safe and enjoyable. And essentially allow the mind to start collecting resources and preparing for a powerful breakthrough even before the 'therapy' has begun.

  • And so much more!

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$97.00 $497.00

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