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"How To Turn Multiple Sessions Into 60 Min Breakthroughs" - 'Fly On The Wall' Access To See Advanced Conversational Hypnosis In Action




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Advanced Conversational Hypnosis


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What if you could go back and undo years of traditional hypnosis trainings (for most) and shortcut your time to mastery?

Let me clarify – I am not talking about learning more ‘hypnosis’ more inductions, more scripts, more language patterns, more deepeners, and more relaxation.

What I am talking about (which very few get taught) is mastering the ‘therapeutic breakthroughs’ that your clients pay for.

How much more successful and wealthier would you be as a hypnotherapist if 'word got around' at how quickly (and no I do not mean the oxymoron of ‘30-60 days with dozens of sessions including an audio, homework, and journals - which is not fast at all) your breakthroughs were...

...But what about 45 minutes just for one time... Or what about 20 minutes and getting paid $2500 to help a client quit smoking – like our students are doing right now - and not just for smoking clients - anxiety, weight loss, life purpose, pain control, relationship problems, fears, phobias and more than 80 different niches and problems.


What I am really talking about is speed! Speed for breakthroughs with less effort from you, your clients and all your techniques.

WITH No prep, no homework, no reading scripts, no relaxation, and no annoyed clients saying they ‘feel the same’ as when it started... Now stay with me here

If the average hypnotherapist (reading scripts, deepeners, relaxations etc) spend ‘let’s say’ one hour with a client. Even before the session has started there is hours of agonising prep, script writing, finding techniques, and homework to get ready.

Then the first 30 minutes of the one-hour session is intake, rapport, dispelling myths about hypnosis, settling a client into what is about to happen, relaxation, set up, deepeners, suggestibility tests etc.

Leading to another 10-15 minutes of what I call ‘mind preparing’ – setting the scenes, getting clients associated to the scene or timelines or visualisation environment etc etc.

Leaving at most 10-15 minutes for the therapy which usually involves talking about the symptom, focusing clients to visualise different scenes, hearing and noticing things associated the problems, reframing, floating above timelines, pre-made affirmations.

Or even having clients turn their ‘emotions’ into a colour, object or shape and changing said ‘colours or shapes’ into something else... Or simply telling a metaphoric story that you the hypnotherapist have designed about things that you like and want.

No wonder your client needs 6 sessions – 6 x 10 minutes is an hour of therapy.


Imagine that you could bypass all of that – and in one hour spend that entire hour on the therapy? Would that not be worth it to you and your client? Now you can’t expect to accomplish this by following another traditional training – the only way to get it is to absorb yourself in therapeutic demos.

  • Get a fly on the wall glimpse of Scott Jansen, his private students in action with real people and real demos.

  • Get an expert breakdown of each step, method used, thinking involved and complete road map to apply with each of your clients.

  • Watch, practise and repeat your way to a hypnotic genius that will WOW even the most season hypnotherapists.


If you can watch a movie you can master this natural style of hypnosis with the The Conversational Hypnosis Demos Program taught by Scott Jansen.

Ready to do this?

Have you heard the saying "the best way to learn is to do it?"

It's not ‘the best way to learn is to sit and read, listen to your instructor talk about them self, speculate on different types of hypnosis, history of hypnosis, how the mind works, the timeline of the great therapists, and possibly see just one clunky demo’ (where the demo subject just goes along with it).

Instead, let’s cut to the chase and give you more than 10 full conversational hypnosis and advanced conversational hypnosis demos with breakdowns.



  • 10 full demos in various niches for various problems - no scripts, language patterns, or forced techniques of relaxation.

  • Complete demo breakdowns from Scott Jansen including additional instructions and advanced therapy methods.

  • Specific therapy and trance strategies for various problems and pains. Think of this as putting together a puzzle for each individual client without ever having to prepare anything ahead of time.

  • Full demos of the: Hypnotic Interview, 'Big Picture method', Spotting Unconscious Moments, Advanced Ericksonian Stacking Of Realities, Trance variations, Emotional Trance Method, Testing - Tasking & Processing, Processing Chat To End A Session, Tasking Instructions.

  • Trances for resistant clients, talkative clients, analytical clients and overthinkers

  • And much much much more - including bonuses and (unreleased to the public) content.

  • These are real demos, helping real people with real problems

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to pick the brains of a highly successful, hypnotherapist like Scott Jansen – and see live in action – real problems being destroyed therapeutically.

...With no fluff, no filler, no boring lectures and like a good action movie – guns, explosions, car chases and ‘the other stuff’, now is your chance to get in the hot seat.

In fact, these conversational hypnosis demo breakdowns are much more than that.

It gives you unparalleled access to someone who not only has been where you are right now and prevailed but someone who has trained more than 30,000 hypnotherapists students from all levels of expertise globally.

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