The Emotional Trance Method (E.T.M.)

How To Hypnotise And Heal Even The Most Sceptical And Resistant Clients Within Just Minutes - Without Them Knowing What You Are Doing.




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If you have ever been stuck trying to hypnotise and heal sceptical and resistant hypnosis clients – then this is for you.

If there was one thing I had to learn very quickly as a hypnotherapist, it was 'how' to work with resistant clients. The old hit-and-miss traditional therapy and trance techniques just didn’t cut it.


I can only imagine what my high paying Lawyers who wanted to quit smoking would have said If I said “close your eyes and relax” or “float above your timeline” or “walk down a set of stairs going deeper"...I would have been the laughingstock of the industry.

So, I was forced into developing a strange yet extremely powerful way to hypnotise, heal, and transform my Lawyers without them ever knowing what I was doing.

It's important to realise this about resistant clients. For whatever reason they are resistant as soon as they know you have started the sessions – their resistance will increase 1000-fold. And NO suggestibility test, history of hypnosis, your story, who you were trained by, the certifications on your wall, or lectures, will ever bring down those defences.


The ONLY way to work around this (well actually utilise this) is to use their resistance against them and create mind-boggling trances in just minutes, where even if they try to resist, they will get sucked into a 'deep healing trance'.

  • How to quickly hypnotise and heal even the most resistant, argumentative, sceptical, and doubtful clients without them knowing.

  • How to start creating therapeutic breakthroughs with just a few minutes of chatting with clients by utilizing all and any emotion, and turn it into a theraputic resource for change.

  • How to instantly shut down conscious interruptions and arguments that will help you direct unconscious attention into deep trances.

  • How to start leveraging REAL therapeutic breakthroughs that will leave your clients stunned and ready to tell the world about you without scripts and clunky techniques.


If I could only rely on one technique to help my clients - it would be the Emotional Trance Method (ETM)

Ready to do this? Ready to master this Advanced Ericksonian and conversational hypnosis strategy?

ETM Program: How to masterfully utilize all emotions, thoughts, memories and feelings and create spontaneous therapeutic breakthroughs, regressions, hypnotic phenomena, hallucinations and catalepsy in just minutes.

This is Scott Jansen's 'ace up the sleeve' technique that even works with the most resistant of clients who don't believe in hypnosis.

Program includes: Full demos and demo breakdowns of the ETM in action.



  • The complete ETM method that can be applied to any client regardless of your style of hypnosis.

  • How to blend the ETM into conversational hypnosis or even traditional hypnosis so your therapy becomes seamless.

  • How to leverage emotions, feelings, thoughts, stuck thinking and even bad memories, and turn them into a therapeutic resource that will last a lifetime, and permanently change the unconscious thought process.

  • How to create hypnotic phenomena, hallucinations, instant regressions, memory elicitation all while saying and doing less as a hypnotherapist

  • How to turn the 'therapy' portion of the ETM into the most important part of your interactions and make the 'hypnosis part' the icing on the cake.

  • How to work with even the most resistant, sceptical, argumentative, doubtful, or scared clients and turn your sessions into a masterful intervention.

  • Program includes: Full demos and demo breakdowns of the ETM in action. No long boring lectures, script, relaxation or language patterns.

  • And so so so much more!

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