7 Figure Training Company Program

The EXACT 'Step By Step System' I Used To Build My Own Training Company In A Very

Competitive Niche To Hit Over 1 Million Dollars In Just 14 Months (From Scratch)

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Curious About the 7 Figure Training Company Program?

A Complete Training To Take Any Trainer Of Hypnosis Or NLP From Start To 6-Figure Launches, A 7-Figure Training Company And An Authority In The Market In Record Time!


If you’re reading this, and you have just become a hypnotherapy trainer, NLP trainer, or coaching trainer, you more than likely fit into one of two categories.

You have just qualified as a trainer with your sights set on building a fun, predictable and profitable training business, or training school with the plan to help certify students all over the globe.

You were psyched up during your training and got to possibly see 100s of people all in the same room, waiting to be certified and thought to yourself (or even did the maths) I want this for myself.

You have been told that getting this certification as a trainer will be the pinnacle of your success and all you need to do now is announce your next training and you too can fill up a room of eager students


You have been running trainings and workshops here and there. You have had decent turnouts, made money on your upsells but never reached the 6 figures+ per launch mark.

Have we guessed right so far? (If we have, then please keep reading).

So, for you reading this here is something special for you.

An invitation to join the 7 Figure Training Company Program.

A program specifically designed for hypnotherapy trainers, NLP trainers, coaching trainers or even business owners teaching personal development workshops – who want a step by step process and the:

Exact blueprint needed to grow a 7-figure training company.

Step By Step Instructions for 6 figure launches.

Guide for ‘how to differentiate your certifications, events and seminars’.

Method for ‘How to market your seminars, events and trainings for free’.

Strategy for ‘how to use uptime phase and downtime phases' for consistent income (make money between your launches).

Plan for ‘How to create, launch and sell your upsells in minutes’.

Process for ‘How to sell your masters, advanced certifications and events’

And so much more.

'This program is only about one thing – making money as a trainer!


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'Here’s the cold harsh truth about growing a training company from scratch

Almost everyone (including Scott at one point) lacks the confidence to ask for big money when they first start out.

They feel like an imposter…They ask themselves disempowering questions like “Why would anyone pay ME thousands of dollars for my certification when they can go to a big training company with a big reputation?"

And they have limiting beliefs holding them back from greatness and the success they desire.

If they don’t give up, and do finally build the confidence needed to fill the room with students and grow their training company (usually through years of trial, error, pain, and frustration) …

They tend to make very costly mistakes by building funnels, paying for ads, mimicking bigger training companies, and trying to directly compete with the ‘big dogs’.

But you won't need to! In fact, your growth will happen despite all of those things!

1. You get the exact system. No boring lectures, no outdated marketing hacks. No funnels. No paid ads. No mindset or inner child healing. You get taught what to do, shown how to apply it, shown how to speed up sales and results and shown everything in granular detail - as If I was holding your hand every step along the way.

2. We plug you into a community of like-minded hypnotherapists, trainers, NLP, coaches and healers from all over the world will support you, practise with you, and celebrate your wins. You get unlimited and lifetime access to the community, mentoring, and the program (never pay again)

3. We give you my world real world practical knowledge – not something I have been certified in, read from a book, or learned from someone else. You are getting what I used to help my 1000s of real high paying clients. No boring long lectures or upsells.


This is a complete training to take any trainer from start to 6 figure launches, a 7 figure training company and an authority in the market – it just requires a lot of heart, dedication and a lot of action.

Let me assure you… You will be taking action - and a hell of a lot of it.

But it's the right action that defines the success of this program and your company.

It works even if your knowledge on training people in hypnosis or NLP is limited. It might just be your very first certification launch. Whereever you are in your journey, we start from scratch - so you can do it the correct way.

It works regardless of where you live in the world (I have trainers all over the world smashing it with this program)

It works no matter what your training niche is (hypnosis, NLP, coaching, Personal Development, Healing, Motivation, Speaker etc etc.) who your students are, what you have done in the past with students, or the way you teach (in person, face to face or hybrid) – This model works regardless.


1. Learn how to sell out your certifications, trainings, and events simply, easily, and effectively, and ‘set up’ a training environment for upselling into your masters and advanced courses.

2. Learn Scott’s personal ‘Elon Musk company building strategy’ – this backwards and counterintuitive plan will create a ‘long term - slow burn’ ratification of your company that will outlast the ‘quick burn’ companies.

3. Learn how to market your newly launched training school and have potential students see you as different, unique and unlick cookie cutter training schools

4. Discover what "true confidence" really means, and the exact step for achieving it, so you can continue building your training company from scratch (without a big following, social media presence or email list – in fact my back-to-back 6 figure launches come from a social media following and email list the size of a dollar coin compared to my rivals)

5. Learn Scott’s ‘1 sentence upsell line’ that can double your income in just minutes. This should be used for each upsell you have regardless of your price.

6. Learn Scott's secret “uptime and downtime’ marketing hack that will build a waiting list before you launch your first training. These secrets will help you sell out your courses before you even lock in your first training date.

7.Learn how to find the core of your ‘trainings and certifications’ that LOVES to pay top dollar for courses. With these secrets, you’ll sell to the eager students who are ready to buy now – no need to compete against anyone when you know this little secret.

8. Learn how to flip your brain's "confidence switch" for rapid success and unleash your focus towards building the biggest training company you can.

9. Learn how to use and master all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Podcasting, and email) and my ‘expert insights content creation method’ to grab the attention of your audience who will see you instantly as an expert. This works even if you don’t feel as knowledgeable as you’d like or suffer from imposter syndrome.

10.Learn how to create a short course catalogue via Udemy that can earn you between $2000-$5000 per month on autopilot and build your student contact list (this has helped Scott’s company build a list of close to 40,000 student contacts on autopilot). You can use your growing list to upsell into your bigger courses and events with ‘done-for-you’ email and schedule – this is passive income on steroids!

11.Learn how to instantly charge full price for your certifications and trainings without using the ‘small classes – small price’ or ‘beta launch’ excuse.

12.Learn how to "repurpose" your competitors as a powerful tool to boost for content, steal their audience and have them see you as their new guru or mentor. (This is a closely-guarded, even somewhat sneaky tactic, but it's incredibly effective)

13. Learn Scott’s ‘un-taught’ to the public ‘asymmetry CGA secret’ to being omnipresent in your marketplace and on social media. This digital marketing trick will put you front and centre everywhere your target market goes online.

14. Learn the simple hack that increases your perceived value in the marketplace as the only go-to training school or company even when your competitors are better known, have more testimonials and a bigger market impact than you.

15. Learn how to create an “Authority Status Halo” around your training company, social media, and name, that compels new students to join you and ignore bigger training companies. This will drive your students to even to want enrol in your upsells, new courses and send you students just like them.

16. Learn how Scott directly competes against the biggest training schools and companies on the planet and create training from these ‘teething spots’ that most big companies indirectly make. (make money from their mistakes)

...And that’s barely scratching the surface.

Here’s Everything You Get To Build Your Training Company From Scratch! Over 30 Hours Of Content And Training

1. 7-Fig Training & Mentoring

You Get The Complete 7 Figure Training Program With Lifetime Access

This is a complete training to take any trainer from start to 6 figure launches, a 7 figure training company and an authority in the market – it just requires a lot of heart, dedication and a lot of action.
24/7 Access to an easy to use training platform where you can study at your own pace.
This is a safe and supportive environment where you’ll put what you learn into practice with other ACH community members.

Facebook community

In addition to the main program you will have unlimited and lifetime access to our private community and support model for life.

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7 Figure Training Company Program

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