THE High-Performance Mindset & Action for hypnotherapists

"Turn Your Thinking, Mindset & Action Taking Into A Well-Oiled Machine To Become The Top 1% - without affirmations, audios, vision boards or positive thinking.

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After deciding that being a broke, scared, frustrated, and mentally exhausted hypnotherapist was not cutting it, Scott developed this system that turned an unpredictable, failing, and exhausting business into a Predictable, profitable, and machine-like business.

This entire system transformed frustrating bottlenecks in his business that was struggling to earn more than $150 per client, to an unfair business advantage that 1000s of hypnotherapists have paid top dollar to learn – even some of your favourite gurus, mentors and trainers have adopted this system and what Scott calls “Asymmetry Thinking’

The definition of hell is: Your last day on Earth, the person you became meets the person you could have become. This program will help you become that person.

What Separates The Good from The Great?

For the first time ever, outside of his premium programs, Scott is releasing this game-changing insider secret to the public to help you and your business evolve.

These are still the same techniques Scott uses in his company today and the same secrets that are responsible for creating the highest paid hypnotherapists in the industry (you may recognise the names a people you dream of being) When you use this turnkey-system, you, your family, your friends and your competition will no longer recognise you – as you climb to the top tier of entrepreneurship that only 1% of business owners will ever reach.

This is no walk in the park and is not your average 'high fiving, smiling, laughing, energetic, dancing and fluffy' personal development program.



  • The single biggest reason why most hypnotherapists and business owners are still stuck while using traditional mindset and affirmation style methods.
    It all comes down to one single habit you probably don’t even realize you have. Here’s what it is and what you can do to change your career (and your fortunes) almost overnight.

  • The 6 deadly observations in life that most hypnotherapists overlook that will be the difference between massive success or unchangeable destruction. Eradicate these things for a higher income, more success, and become that top 1%.

  • The slippery slope of default habits that even the unconscious mind cannot control. Put this proven system to work in your life and watch your hypnotherapy career and happiness in life take off. Very few people know, this and it has been responsible for our most successful hypnotherapists who live by this.

  • How to fight and win the 'internal mental war'. This simple yet devastatingly powerful insight can instantly boost your confidence and help you get control over your most devastating urges, habits, and insecurities (this is by far my biggest secret)

  • My personal 'evolution & tracking system' that I have used to destroy all my bad habits, problems, anxieties, and failures, into my greatest weapons – This is how you evolve into the person you MUST become that demands wealth, happiness, and success. This is the toughest thing you will ever master but the most rewarding.

  • And so so so much more!

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$97.00 $497.00

You Save ($400)

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